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school bus safety

School bus safety: how not abiding by the rules of the road can affect your insurance rates

Did you know that a single infraction involving a school bus can affect your car insurance premiums? Road safety, especially related to school buses and children, is very important. This importance is reflected in insurance company policies, which penalize drivers who do not exercise proper caution around children. The best course of action is to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road, and to remain vigilant around school zones and buses.

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water damage

Water Damage: What You Need to Know

Water damage can be dangerous, not only to the integrity of your home, but also to your health. It is important to know how to prevent water damage, as well as how to recover from it. Any dwelling has the potential to experience leaks, which could cause damage to your flooring, drywall and belongings; not to mention harmful mold that can take root and cause health issues.

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