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OSSTF District 2 Algoma 

Local  Office Closure Update


As you may be aware of, the Ministry of Education announced last week, that they will be extending school closures until at least September . At this time, the local District at the office, will be following that direction as well.  Our offices have been closed, and will continue to be closed until September


Presidents and staff will be working from home during this time . The main office phone will take messages and will be checked continuously .Should you have a need to contact a President, please email them directly, phone the office and leave a message on their voicemail or with Marnie Devoni-St. Germain. All Presidents have been working from home and will continue to monitor their email and voicemails.




Leave a message for ESS President - Liz Tassone -ext#103 

                              TBU President - John Wells - ext # 102

                              District President ( Terri Lyn Della Penta) - ext # 101- Marnie Devoni will pass along message

                              OTBU President  (Sharon Indrevold) ext  #101- Marnie Devon will pass along message

                              ECE President -  ( Bobbi- Jo Sterling ) ext  #101- Marnie Devoni will pass along message 


Any other inquiries  District Executive Assistant ( Marnie Devoni) ext  # 101


If you would like to email them below are the email address for the following ;


                              ESS President - Liz Tassone - liz.tassone@d02.osstf.ca

                              TBU President - John Wells - john.wells@d02.osstf.ca

                              District President -Terri Lyn Della Penta- terrilyn.dellapenta@d02.osstf.ca

                              OTBU President  - Sharon Indrevold- sharon.indrevold@d02.osstf.ca

                              ECE President - Bobbi- Jo Sterling- bobbi-jo.sterling@d02.osstf.ca 


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time period.  Remember, we will get through this together!


Terri Lyn Della Penta

District 2, Algoma

District President


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