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We hope all are well and staying safe during these times. Attached in word and in PDF files is the Excellent in Education Award  Nomination form to be given to a member. We usually present this award at June Dinner, but with these times, that is something that will be discussed for future . This award will still be awarded to members . Please see information below and attached 



In May of 2001, DISTRICT 2 ALGOMA created the EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD.  This award may be presented annually by the District to OSSTF Members (present and or retired), a student, a parent, a volunteer or coach, a school team, a community group, or a prominent graduate.


Awards recognize outstanding contributions to public elementary or secondary school education, outstanding single, public elementary or secondary school education, or a graduate of a public secondary school in the District of Algoma.


Any Member of DISTRICT 2 ALGOMA may nominate a candidate they feel meets the criteria as outlined in the attached NOMINATION FORM for the EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD. 


A Selection Committee will determine successful recipients for the award, and up to three (3) awards may be presented by the District. The recipient(s) shall receive an individual plaque and his/her name will be engraved on the “OSSTF District 2 – Algoma – Excellence in Education Award”.

The attached Nomination form lists the criteria, application deadline and the reasons for the nomination.  For more detailed information regarding the Award, please view our District Constitution found on the D2 OSSTF website. http://www.d02.osstf.ca/en-CA/awards-p-d.aspx#ad-image-0

Please See below-related attachments for Nomination form



Terri- Lyn DellaPenta

Terri Lyn DellaPenta– District President

OSSTF District 2, Algoma

On behalf of Terri- Lyn Della Penta - District President 

We hope all members are stay safe and healthy during these difficult times. We have ATTACHED the STUDENT RECONGITION AWARD APPLICATION - IN PDF AND WORD FORMAT . This award is for OSSTF members children . Please look at the Aims and Criteria below for more information. 
Established by District 2, Algoma 2014 
 The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation – District 2, Algoma established this Award to financially assist the child of an OSSTF/FEESO Member in the amount of five-hundred dollars ($500) who will be entering a college, university or apprenticeship/trades program. The student must be in his/her graduating year.
To support a student who has successfully and independently overcome a challenge(s) that may have created a barrier for them during their years of education at the secondary school level.
To reward the student who best exemplifies the philosophy of the educational system in which they have been educated. 
To reward a student who has displayed the characteristics of good citizenship.
To recognize a student who models the attributes of Character Education and has learned to value themselves and others with dignity and respect. To reward a student who has developed and realized their full potential – intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially or spiritually. 
Finally, to support a student who has contributed in a positive way to the well- being of the school and/or community but may not be a recipient of an academic or athletic award
The applicant must be a dependent child or ward of an OSSTF/FEESO member of District 2, Algoma. The applicant must have applied to enter a publicly-funded post-secondary college or university program or an apprenticeship that includes an academic portion offered through a college or trade school (apprenticeship program). The Award will be made conditional upon the recipient being enrolled in the program and/or an employer providing a letter of confirmation indicating that the student is accumulating hours towards an apprenticeship.
Thank you 
Terri - Lyn DellaPenta 
OSSTF District 2 President 



Student Achievement Award Winners - 2020 District 2 Algoma

Prose & Poetry Division

English Intermediate 9-10 Academic
Rhyanna Korschin, Korah C. & V.S.

 English Senior 11-12 College/Workplace
Tyler Coles, Michipicoten H.S.

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